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Amazing service!

Appendix Laparoscopic Surgery done by Dr. Kinker. He is a very good surgeon, a very good person and an unwavering believer in God. His staff and environment are very good.
Excellent surgery done, fit in three days no problem
Heartily thank them

inder jeet

Helped me a lot

This hospital is the best hospital for laparoscopic . I had my surgery here and I felt like this is my second home. So positive and peaceful environment. And the whole staff is very supportive and generous. My experience is too good of this hospital ….

Rashmi Jadaun

Awesome optometrists

Excellent in all the aspects. Hospital is well equipped with all the modern facilities and highly qualified doctors. Supporting staff is very gentle and caring too.Completely satisfied.

Kunal Yagnik

My vision is perfect

Have got my treatment done in the hospital a few times. The hospital established by late Dr. PP Kinker & his wife Dr. Snehprabha Kinker is known for quality treatment, challenging medical cases and of course for the great intent of service of the human kind. The next generation of Kinkers, Dr.Mrinal & Dr. Abhilasha are keeping the tradition and spirit alive with the hospital’s holistic approach in treatment.

Pavan Jha

In short words

Kinker Hospital is an advanced and leading Surgical Center and IVF Clinic located at the heart of Kota City, providing comprehensive and high quality medical care to the people from all walk of life.


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